10 Strict Rules Gymnast Simone Biles Must Follow

10 Strict Rules Gymnast Simone Biles Must Follow

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There’s no one in the world quite like Simone Biles. The talented gymnast has been breaking records for the United States of America ever since she joined the women’s artistic gymnastics team back in 2012. There aren’t many athletes who could call themselves a four-time world all-around champion at the age of twenty-two years old, but Simone can. Simone is used to being underestimated due to her size, but she’s proven the world that good things come in small packages, over and over again. Few people in the world have never heard of Simone, she’s just that famous. She puts her heart and soul into every single competition and is known for winning medals and titles at every turn.

It’s old news that gymnasts train like there’s no tomorrow when getting competition-ready. But Simone’s regiment is a lot more restrive than you might think. Tune into TheThings as we reveal the 10 strict rules Simone Biles must follow.

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38 thoughts on “10 Strict Rules Gymnast Simone Biles Must Follow

  1. What I would like to see for the Gymnasts. I wish they could find a uniform that does not show so much. They are barely covered in the hind part. I would love to see a beautiful uniform. Like maybe the lower part of the uniform could go to the top of the thigh. I've seen them wear one at practice. Love those buns girls! Love how you look because you are taking care of yourself. Wish you were covered more, but if you continue to wear what you wear. I'm mad about it. I love what you guys do. Be blessed all gymnasts.

  2. These are just USAG rules, and some AAU rules, not specific to simone biles. When I compete, I cant have flashy nails or undergarments on. Neither can my teammates. I have nothing against Simone Biles, I look up to her. But these people are just using her name and image for marketing.

  3. I did this sport when I was younger, but I got hurt ( it was bad I don’t wanna explain) now I don’t do it anymore, I do horse back (English) and it has helped me become who I am, I do gymnastics for fun

  4. Women wear sports bras and have underwear sewn in . I used to be in gymnastics. If you don’t wear underwear you will have wedgies the whole time and no one wants to see your nipples or your breasts bouncing up and down.

  5. They said “if you think that keeping your hair tidy is a ridiculous rule…” I mean that’s a bit exaggerated I personally don’t think it’s a ridiculous rule I mean it’s for safety and to look presentable and professional as well as ready to get on with your performance so I think it’s great rule cuz if you just throw your hair up in a pony tail in 2 seconds… I mean that’s not like great

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