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Many parents have experienced that unpleasant situation when they realize their child’s behavior has changed, but they can’t understand where the problem came from. We at Bright Side have found some answers that all parents will be able to learn something from.

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Why your child is secretive 0:40
Why your child is irritable 1:00
Why your child shows envy and jealousy 1:15
Why your child is overly shy 1:30
Why your child doesn’t respect others 1:48
Why your child is rude 2:03
Why your child takes other kids’ toys 2:21
Why your child lies to you 2:35
Why your child can’t stand up for themselves 2:52
Why it’s important to affirm a child’s uniqueness 3:05

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10 ouderschaps fouten die we moeten proberen te vermijden. Als je kind geheimzinnig is en tekort heeft aan vertrouwen komt dat misschien door je hoge irritatiegrens Als een kind geïrriteerd is en prikkelbaar komt dat misschien door te weinig aandacht. Ze weet gewoonweg geen andere manier om op te vallen. Als je kind vaak jaloers is en afgunst toont komt dat misschien omdat je haar te vaak vergelijkt met een ander. Als je kind heel erg verlegen is en besluitloos komt het waarschijnlijk doordat je hem te vaak helpt met dingen die hij zelf kan oplossen Als je kind andere niet respecteert komt dat waarschijnlijk doordat je zegt wat ze moet doen zonder rekening te houden met haar gevoelens Als een kind gemeen is komt het misschien omdat ze het voorbeeld volgen van hun ouders of een ander familie lid Als je haar alles geeft wat ze wilt maar ze de spullen van andere kinderen pakt geef je haar waarschijnlijk niet de keuze om te kiezen Als je kind tegen je liegt komt het mischien te heftig reageerde op een eerdere fout die ze gemaakt heeft Als je kind niet voor zichzelf kan opkomen in moeilijke situaties komt het waarschijnlijk omdat je kritiek op hem had terwijl andere in de buurt waren Je moet dit nooit doen, zelfs niet als er alleen broertjes of zusjes in de buurt zijn Dit is waarom het zo belangrijk is om te zien dat je kind uniek is en hun wensen te overwegen Je gaat viool spelen! Maar ik hou van tekenen Geen gemaar, je moeder weet het best wat je nodig hebt! 18 jaar later Geen baan, geen hobbies, waarom ben je zo lui?


  1. I didn't go to school because I was told by my teachers and multiple people that we had no school today but it turns out I did and my mom called me and started yelling at me and told me she didn't want to hear my mouth when I tried to explain I just got grounded and was told to clean the whole house it was just a simple mistake by the teacher and a few students and me for thinking we have no school today.. I've been crying all day because I was called a liar and accused for skipping school because I didn't want to go THATS NOT TRUE I always go to school even when I'm sick because I don't like having extra work and because if I stay home I get stuck doing all the chores like this one time I was so sick I puked if I tried to walk my mom told me to clean the house and that she'll be back at 6 I tried to but I just kept puking and when she got back at 6 she got mad at me cause the house wasn't cleaned and started yelling at me my little sister was there and was like "Mommy she's sick she can't get up without throwing up." This just made my mom start yelling more and she called me a lazyass and that I should do as I'm told I got grounded for a month and that's when I decided I will go to school no matter if I'm sick that happened when I was 11 now im 17 and I've never missed a day of school but today that all changed because of a mistake..

  2. My mom is so mean and selfish but my dad if he has money he will give it to me just so I can eat my mom will not give me money she will give my older and younger brothers and sister but not me

  3. Last part of the video is what exactly my parents and brother happen. My parents did not support my brother in what he likes when he was still in high school. And he ended up without a job for how many years. As a sister i feel sorry for him. Until one day i ask my brother what he wants in life since he has no job, no money and always in his room. He told me what he need and he need money to put up his own business. So i give him a chance and let him borrow $700 8 yrs ago. And now he earn $1000 a month from his business.

  4. I love my mom much more than my dad

    When I say to my mom I will do this she supports me but my dad said I cannot do this

    When I bought something on my own money my dad is against

    When I treat my bestfriends my dad is against it

    That is why I hated my dad the mos but I love him

  5. I'm never asking for something, but when I need something I get it. Still, my parents call me a princess that gets everything she wants. My depression started 3 years ago, even though I told my mom many times about this, she would still ignore it and say its "thats how life is" and call it just a bad mood. At that time I couldn't do almost anything and I was called lazy, egoistic and irresponsible kid at that time. My step father is always yelling at me for everything and my mother always lies to me that she cares about me and my problems. I want to study so hard and get good grades, so that I can get good grades, but everytime I get a free minute I am yelled at for doing nothing.

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