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hey guys so I am here to do a video on my top 10 maternity must-haves as you guys know this is my third pregnancy and I have made a list of things that have made pregnancy a little easier because if you've been pregnant before you know how it can be very rough on your body and you just go through so many different phases so I think this video would be very helpful for moms to be and then also moms who are pregnant for the first time it might need some tips or different items to help them during their pregnancy or just really anybody that's pregnant so I'm not going to make a super long intro I'm just going to go ahead and get right into the video all right so the first must-haves that I've used during all of my pregnancy not these particular items but that I've used with Aria and Nolan and this item this I know this pregnancy is what I meant if they could just come up with something to help with pregnancy brain like that would be definitely in this list up but when you're pregnant your body is expanding and you are just bound to get stretch marks and actually stretch marks is a genetic thing and you really can't there's no way to prevent them you're going to get them if you're going to get them but these do help a little bit so with this pregnancy I discovered Earth Mama angel baby this is the natural stretch oil I lather this on my belly every single night after I take a shower and any really stretch mark prone areas so it's for stretching bellies breasts hips I put this anywhere honestly because I get stretch marks everywhere if you don't want to spend money on you know stretch oils or lotions or creams or anything like that just get you some organic extra virgin coconut oil this stuff is amazing I use this a lot with Nolan and I only got a few stretch marks with him you can really put this on anything like your baby's had a rash put some coconut oil you need to bake put some coconut oil you got stretch marks put some coconut oil on it it's just good for everything but do make sure that it is the organic extra virgin coconut oil I find that this one works best because there are oils that are just for cooking I mean I guess you could use them for other items as well but this one you can pretty much put on anything I mean if you've got some life problems put some oil on it alright so I feel like this next item is definitely a given like every pregnant woman wears these but I just have to bring it up because these are literally a lifesaver and this is my first care of maternity leggings this is the one that has the band that goes around all your belly but honestly any kind of leggings just because they're so comfortable also can I just say screw those people that say leggings aren't pants because they are pants in my eyes and I wear these all the time who wants to be constricted in jeans all the time I know I don't so I wear these when I'm at home when I'm out I just made these all the time and I've got that my leggings I'm wearing some right now I have probably 20 pairs of just black leggings I don't think I really need to explain this one alright so my next maternity must-have is slippers your feet hurt when you're pregnant especially if you were standing and right around all the time like I am I feel like I can never get a chance to sit down these are amazing because we have on our whoa it doesn't we really matter because in carpet or wood floors regardless like your feet are going to hurt so this does like cushion it a little bit for you also I have bad circulation whether I am pregnant or not well especially when I'm pregnant it's really bad so my feet are always cold so slippers are definitely a must-have and that way you don't have to be walking around barefoot all the time throughout the house I wear these pretty much all day and I just got these at Target for cheap or you can go to Walmart really any kind of slippers that just have that comfort it's definitely going to be a must-have alright so this is a new must-have for me I didn't use this with my first two pregnancies but considering that this is my third pregnancy this is definitely a must-have for me my muscles are different my body is different especially after having two children that everything is just not holding up like it should my back is hurting so a belly band is definitely a must-have if you've had multiple children or even really I think first pregnancies as well you can use a belly band if you just need that extra support and I just got this off Amazon for 25 bucks this girl is not going to spend $70 on a belly band it and this had pretty good reviews this is called esmad I'm not sponsor I just got this on Amazon I have prime shipping so I was like good I can get it in two days and they gave me this coupon in the mail for 25% off so if you guys want to use this you can screenshot this or whatever and you can get 25% off this belly band like I said it's as mid I've never heard of this brand before it just had really good reviews and so far it's helped a lot it just gives you like directions on how to use it it's pretty self-explanatory it does take some time to get used to because it's not the most comfortable thing but you know you can't adjust it and it does give me some early if I've been on my feet a lot I can just feel the baby just putting so much pressure down there and I can feel it on my bag I can feel it in my ligaments and muscles so I will just strap this on I'll just drop this on and I'm good to go alright so far the next two items I'm just going to play a video over me talking but is definitely a body pillow I cannot sleep live breathe without my body pillow this is one that I got with Nolan it is the bump nest brand really any kind of body pillow will work I think boppy makes one there's like the snuggle or something or even just putting like pillows around you like around your back or in between your legs just to give you extra support is also great but I started using this before the second trimester with this pregnancy I just needed to prop my legs up and just get a comfortable position I will say the only negative thing about my body pillow and specifically the bump nest brand is the foam it gets a little weird and I don't know how to explain it so it gets a little chunky you kind of have to constantly fluff it up because it will after you know you sleep on it for a few nights the foam will go down that makes sense I don't know if that makes sense so you kind of do like fluff it up and then you're good to go for a couple more nights so it's not that big of a deal but that is one thing that I noticed with that body pillow but I absolutely love it it's like cocoons my body I'm feel like I didn't sleeping on a cloud I next must have is water and I know that it's kind of like a no-brainer like yeah you're supposed to drink a lot of water but especially when you're pregnant you need that extra fluid and hydration for your body so I have like this 30 ounce cup that I fill up three to four sometimes five times a day yes I am peeing a lot and I'll show you my next item that that might come in handy for but I am paying a lot but you just instantly feel so much better at least for me when you drink a lot of water and I'm always always thirsty so get yourself like a big jug or cup or tumbler anything and just like constant refill it and drink it right it's almost our getting in the nitty gritty the real aspects of pregnancy and maternity life in general so like I was saying you drink a lot of water so panty liners are definitely a must-have like these are a little too big these are the overnight ones but you know they come smaller but you guys I can't even sneeze anymore without peeing a little bit so these come in handy also have extra hormones going on when your pregnancy if you know what I mean it happens and sometimes just even doing a little bit of physical activity you can't help it like your bladder has a mind of its own get yourself some painted liners all right so the next thing is nursing bras now this might be considered a nursing must-have but I really like these for maternity and pregnancy as well because I know a lot of women can't wear bras at night they don't like it I am NOT one of those women I have to have something on me whether that's a sports bra or some kind of brawl I don't we're wired for all that night because that's really uncomfortable but I find that nursing bras I think they also have like nurse sleeping bras but I really like these because these do give me extra support I wear these pretty much all day if I'm not going anywhere I will put a wire bra on and I'm going out these are just so much more comfortable if I'm just gonna be at home and then you get to use them later on for nursing I also got these on Amazon I got multiple colors I got a beige new color a black and then also a baby pink and this brand I don't think it says the brand on it but I will leave the links down below and even just being pregnant you don't want to wear wire bras all the time I know I don't so I definitely just wear nursing bras and then last but not least is pregnancy underwear and yes I set it pregnancy underwear you're probably thinking Britney just wear regular underwear but I discovered these and yes I'm showing you my underwear right now because this is just a part of pregnancy but these are so comfortable I am a granny panty kind of girl I'm just putting it all out there I can't do the dental floss my butt crack I can't do it I cannot do it especially why would you want to do that when you're pregnant I could just feel the pain thinking about it but I also discovered these on Amazon I was like typing in maternity must-haves or I forget what I think I was actually looking at these and these were like in the recommended or something like that reason I really like these I wanted to share them with you guys is they are crisscross in the front and they go down lower since I am carrying low this goes under the bump so you don't get that constricting feel of underwear so the crisscross V in the front kind of gives you some of that relief if that makes sense and it's made out of cotton but it kind of has like the spandex kind of feel to it but it is the most comfortable comfortable thing like during pregnancy I just want to be comfortable that's why I wear leggings 99% of the time and I just want my undergarments to be comfortable too and then also they're very stretchy in the back for extra stretchiness if you need it so that is it for my maternity must-haves I hope this video was helpful for some of you moms to be if you're gonna be pregnant later on if you're pregnant right now so pretty much for anybody that's going to be pregnant or is pregnant or maybe even after pregnancy as well I mean this is a must-have 365 days a year for me anyways yeah I hope you guys enjoy this video definitely give me a thumbs up if you did you found that it was helpful off off off off off off also leave down below some of your maternity must-haves if I didn't mention them in the video I would love to know what you guys use as well so thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys

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